Furnace Repair and Troubleshooting

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Heating system generally work, pretty much trouble free for a long time. To operate efficiently they need to be regularly maintained. If you are having trouble with your furnace here’s several things to be checked out. In this article I am going to point out several things that are applicable to many furnace types. Keep in mind that Furnace Repair is a specialty. It’s best to have somebody knowledgeable working on your system.

There are three subsystems that operate together to supply tempered air to your living space. They are the heating/cooling source itself, the air distribution system and the control or thermostat.

So, the first thing to check is at the source, does the system have power? Does it have fuel. If fuel is getting to the heater, is the ignition system working? If you’ve narrowed down that the heater is producing heat or the air conditioner is producing cold, but you still aren’t getting tempered air to the living space, you need to check the air distribution system. Is the fan working? Are the vents open? Is the filter plugged? The third thing to check is the thermostat. Checking out a faulty furnace is a step by step process of ruling out what is working and narrowing down the problem. It takes patience and a certain amount of skill. If you aren’t skilled in this area, get somebody who is.

Before you decide to get friendly with your hvac system, check out the following:

  •  Check the power: Is power reaching the unit? Is a breaker popped or a fuse blown? Is the power switch to the unit shut off?
  •  Check for a reset switch, give the unit 30 minutes to cool off and them hit the reset switch. If it doesn’t work, try again later.
  •  If the unit is gas driven, check that the gas is getting to the unit. If the furnace burns oil, is there oil in the tank?
  •  Try lowering or raising the set temperature on the thermostat. See if that will cause the heater to operate.

There are a number of safety factors to keep in mind:

Before you work on a heating system, make sure the electric supply to the unit is shut off.

If you have a gas furnace and you smell gas in the heater area, evacuate the area and call the gas company or the fire department. Don’t stay in an area where you are breathing gas.

Have a professional work on your system. He will know how to repair your unit safely and effectivly. Get a professional to change the filter and check out your system annually, preferably in the fall. As a home owner, you can change the filter yourself, between professional visits. If you keep your system clean and maintained, it should work well for years . https://airconditioningrepairsanfrancisco.org/